Narrow Street

Narrow Street is a 4mm/OO gauge layout, using an extended version of the classic “Minories” track plan by the late (great) Cyril Freezer, first published in Railway Modeller in 1957 (see more here).

Track Plan

The layout has been constructed on lighter weight boards, constructed mostly from 4mm and 6mm plywood in a honeycomb style structure.

The track is PECO Code 75 with concrete sleepers, laid onto cork underlay. Points are electro-frogs, also with concrete sleepers.

The layout is to be designed to be used with Digital Command Control, and uses the MERG DCC system, which is a series of kits you build yourself. These have been built into the layout so there is no need for extra control units, they are all built into the control panel.

The points are powered by servos attached to 3D printed mounts, which are connected to MERG servo control units and are operated from the control panel. This gives the benefit of slow action point movement and also the addition of microswitches for changing the polarity of the frog, and also indicator LED’s on the control panel.

The underside, showing the servos and the control board.

All the electronics have now been completed and tested, and the scenery work can now commence.

First electrical test of the points at the home-made DCC system. So far so good!

I plan to build a bespoke station building, and have finished the design, this will be constructed from embossed plasticard on a shell made from artist’s mount-board. The proposed design is below – lets hope that the finished result looks as good as this!

The design is based upon the excellent Scalescenes Large Station Building (which I built for Griffin Road Mk2) – unfortunately the kit is slightly too small for my purposes but I loved the look so I have used it as the basis for my own design.

Station Frontage

To be continued…