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The N gauge group within the club currently has four operating layouts that are regularly run at the club and taken along to the annual exhibition over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The main club layout is a 4 track mainline extending over at least 30 feet in length, allowing the running of full scale length trains, with a combination of high speed express services and slow pondering freight trains to keep the viewer engaged. With practise and a bit of luck it is possible to have at least 10 trains running at any one time. In addition a branchline runs along the front of the layout crossing the mainline at each end. This layout is not set in any one period in time and thus allows the running of steam and diesel outline locomotives and rolling stock, generally of British prototype, but with occasional visitors from mainland Europe!

The group also has two small N gauge layouts based on UK prototype operation. The first of these is constructed within a box and shows what can be achieved in a very small space using this scale. This layout is very compact, but has all the main elements of a small station with loco and goods facilities, as well as a continuous loop so you can sit and watch the trains go round. The layout is designed to fit under a desk or bed and has an integral lid to protect the railway during storage and keep off the dust!

The second small layout is on two levels; a twin track mainline at the lower level, with connections to a quarry and a brewery; whilst on the upper level is a small branchline. At least 3 trains can be operated at the same time so you can sit and watch the trains go by, as well as allowing some shunting of wagons to the quarry and brewery.

Interested new members of whatever skill level wanting to join the N-gaugers are always welcome, the only requirement being to be enthusiastic of all things 9mm gauge!