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Trinity Light Railway (SM32) by James Pyne
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Trinity Light Railway Workshop
Sous Les Bois Station
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Originally due to be constructed in Wellington, Somerset, until the Fat Controller (me!) had to move to Jersey with a new job. The Trinity Light Railway currently is a short run along the wall in the driveway, until suitable planning permission can be sought to build a proper trackbed in a new garden. (We are currently renting a National Trust property). The TLR Workshop has been busy building rolling stock, and currently a Wickham Trolley is in development for the Permanent Way Team. You can see in the video, full family support for the railway exists, with the main motive power - an Accucraft Ragleth - being provided by SWMBO as a 30th Birthday, Christmas and 5th Wedding anniversary present. Other JMRC members have been quick to point out how lucky I am to have such support!

A little about me…

I’m a 30 year old Corporate Pilot, who loves spending time with my family, classic cars, railways and vintage aircraft. I have tinkered with N gauge, OO and O, but fallen entirely in love with live steam 16mm/SM32!